Who am I

My name is Kyle Willis

What I do

I make DOPE art

What I want

For people to enjoy my creations

First and foremost, it should be known that my body of work was created out of my immense amusement with the world at large. Don't look to my work for any glimpse of how the subliminal elements of the structured form create a coexistent balance between a nurturing perspective, and an oppositional aesthetic. You won't find that here. Not now, not ever. Conversely, there is a fair share of anguish and madness in my work with no notion of being subtle. Being a huge dork at heart shines through in my work, which is mostly fanboy nerdcore with a splash of geekery. My paintings show my attraction to pairing colors that don't necessarily complement one another, and it brings a certain electricity to them which is, to me at least, a comforting tradeoff for my lack of any formal training.

Whatever mark my creative frequency may have made in the art world, it was made wielding a ballpoint pen. It all started with illustrating portraits of friends for pennies, which led to some decent commission work and eventually a piece of mine got published in Spin Magazine. Four years was enough of an exclusive relationship with the pen, so we opened it up and let paint creep into the bed. Wielding brushes and a small arsenal of paints, my uneducated hands went wild on any surface I could get hold of from glass to stretched linen to Masonite board.

What you encounter among my works is the filthy pig sty of my erratic mind; an amalgam of too much alcohol, coffee and boyhood sin, quite possibly the most god awful music playlist on the planet, and the downright refusal to ever grow the fuck up. I hope you survive it. Enjoy.